North Africa

North Africa is still firmly in the grip of Islam. Repression of people of other faiths and reprisals against Christians are everyday occurrences. The work of missionaries is made very difficult and conventional evangelistic outreach is virtually impossible in many areas.

Our prayers are needed for Christians to be given greater freedom and for missionary/evangelistic work to become possible – and for Christian families to be protected from kidnapping and violent attacks on their villages, homes and children.

Please pray for:

  • political leaders who truly have the well-being of all the people in mind
  • social change that ensures real religious freedom with opportunities for missionary and evangelistic activities of all kinds
  • protection, safe-keeping and blessing for the Christian minority
  • courage, determination and boldness on the part of the Christians in these countries
  • supernatural protection for Christians in areas bordering on Islamic regions, where violent clashes keep recurring
  • the powers of poverty, violence, warfare and injustice to be bound in the name of Jesus
  • stability, peace and freedom to “break out” everywhere the Gospel is preached
  • missionaries to hear and obey the call of God to minister in North Africa

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