The core concern at CfaN is for the gospel to be proclaimed without compromise in Africa. We have not yet fulfilled our calling to take the Good News “From Cape Town to Cairo”. Millions of Africans have never heard the Gospel in such a way that they could really understand it and make a conscious decision for or against it.

The whole of Africa shall be saved! Let us pray for this to happen. The challenges – and the opportunities – have never been greater than at present.

Please pray for:

  • all missionaries and evangelists who proclaim the gospel without compromise; protection and safekeeping for their families, their work and the people who have been saved through their ministry
  • a complete end to the COVID-19 pandemic in all affected nations, allowing the governments to permit mass evangelism and church meetings
  • financial covering for all missionary and evangelistic activities in Africa
  • the African church fellowships, their pastors, leaders and workers, the whole body of Christ
  • a wave of intercession for the salvation of the continent
  • whole regions to be shaken, cleansed and blessed through the bold, Spirit-filled proclamation of the Good News
  • mighty waves of conversions
  • deliverance from demonic bondage, such as Islam, ancestor worship, mixed religious practices, witchcraft, shamanism and idol worship
  • healings, signs and wonders
  • nations to be healed, economies to grow, job creation, victory over poverty and want, wisdom in dealing with natural resources and mineral wealth
  • the protection of the blood of Jesus over the nations of Africa – from the north to the south and from the west to the east; divine blessing to be released over the continent
  • the defeat of all the devil’s plans and intentions to damage, abuse, rob and destroy the nations of Africa; the destruction of all kinds of satanic altars

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