CfaN Great Gospel Campaigns

The Lord has been leading us to use new strategies to preach the Gospel to entire regions at a time, but the mass Gospel Campaigns CfaN is known for are still a vital part of that. There are now several different aspects to this evangelism strategy, and we believe we are about to see an exponential explosion in the number of evangelists in Africa, conducting Holy-Spirit-led Gospel meetings and bringing millions to the Lord. Obstacles to that are everywhere, especially this past year. But we know Who to turn to! 

Please pray for:

  • a safe and healthy end to the pandemic in every African nation
  • a resumption of normal business and social activities, so that mass evangelism is safely allowed
  • financial provision for all those who are called to evangelize in Africa
  • preparation teams, for wisdom and intelligent, Holy-Spirit-led planning
  • safety and protection for all those traveling to Africa to preach the Gospel, and for the technical teams transporting equipment
  • goodwill, understanding and favor from local authorities, officials, politicians and media
  • good publicity and effective word-of-mouth news, our most important advertising medium in Africa
  • spiritual unity among the local Christians and all participating church fellowships, the numerous regional committees, the intercessors, the training of local counselors and ushers
  • good weather during Gospel campaigns: no rain or strong wind; no excessive heat or dust
  • success with the follow-up work; every born-again Christian should be able to find a spiritual home near where he or she lives

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